Panther Fusion® Open Access™

Unlock Your Lab’s Potential

Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) are an essential part of diagnostics. Patients with certain medical conditions depend on these in-house developed tests when other options are not available.

Save time and increase efficiency by consolidating your LDTs and IVD assays on the fully automated, sample-to-result, Panther Fusion system using the Open Access™ functionality.

Customize Your LDTs

Gain the following incremental benefits without increasing the footprint of your Panther Fusion system.

  • Create unique qualitative or quantitative LDT protocols using the myAccess software.
  • Multiplex up to 5 targets in a single PCR reaction.
  • Increase efficiency and minimize waste with individual, unitized ready-to-use reagent cartridges and 60 days of on-board stability.

Streamline Your LDT Workflow

Follow these steps to design LDT protocols using the myAccess software.

  1. Create Panther Fusion® Open Access™ Protocol using the myAccess software.
  2. Load reagents
  3. Load patient specimens
  4. Review results with option to automatically release to LIS.

Configurable Testing Based on Your Needs

Create personalized panels with the ability to run up to 16 LDTs at once and obtain up to 5 different PCR reactions from a single specimen extraction.