The Promonitor family of tests measures both drug levels and anti-drug antibody levels with validated ELISA assays to complement biological therapies for drug monitoring. Testing for drug bioavailability and immunogenicity: IFX, Anti-IFX, ADL, Anti-ADL, RTX, Anti-RTX, ETN, Anti-ETN, GLM, Anti-GLM, VDZ, Anti-VDZ, UTK, Anti-UTK.


Optimize Therapy

Refine treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases with a personalized approach to therapy with biologics.

  • Individualized treatment for every patient, enabling a personalized approach to therapy with biologics
  • Early information about reduced drug efficacy – Promonitor provides an early warning if the treatment regime may require modification

Cost Effective

Reduce the use of ineffective treatment strategies, allowing a more efficient use of available resources.

  • Effectively manage resources with the information provided by Promonitor

Easy to Use

Quickly generate results with ELISA-based tests and readily available equipment.

  • Quick procedure – 4 simple steps
  • Hands-on time – 30 min
  • Microplate precoated and ready-to-use reagents
  • Easy data interpretation


Expand lab operations and workflow with multiple tests and configurations.

  • Removable strips allow multiple configurations
  • Test both drug levels and anti-drug antibody levels
  • Manual or automated mode

High Quality

Rely on results with a high quality product.

  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Supported by a large number of peer-reviewed articles
  • More than 100 publications using Promonitor.

Monitoring Biosimilars

Evaluation studies have demonstrated that Promonitor kits are able to quantify not only biological drug levels, but also biosimilar drugs.