Sefia S-2000 Cell Processing instrument

Use this flexible instrument for upstream or downstream processing. Select the combination of software and kits that meets your needs.


The Sefia S-2000 instrument streamlines isolation, harvesting, and final formulation of cellular products. Customize each step to run only the operations you need, with the flexibility to combine them in sequence.

  • Gain peace of mind. Functionally closed processing keeps contaminants out. Sensor controls and automation help to ensure smooth operation.
  • Streamline your workflow. You can set up protocols to run in sequence automatically via an intuitive user design.
  • Achieve scalability. Process initial volumes up to 10 L, with a wide range of final volumes.
  • Save time. Automation, combined steps, and intuitive operations minimize hands-on time.
  • Simplify record-keeping and compliance with requirements. Sefia can transmit instrument data and alarms for remote monitoring or for incorporation into a Chronicle eSOP.
  • Keep operations running smoothly. Integrate with Chronicle to monitor all connected instruments (Sefia and others) and manage service records.