HLA Fusion Software


Regulatory: IVD: For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.
Use: The software includes powerful analysis modules specifically designed to work with One Lambda molecular and antibody screening products including FlowPRA™, Micro SSP™, LABScreen™, LABType™, LAT™, and LCT™, and more.

Customer Notice: View the Release Notes to see what’s new in each version.

HLA Fusion Software 4.6 Key Features

This software update offers new functionality, feature enhancements, and corrects known minor issues. A complete list of new features can be found in the respective Release Notes located in the Product Support Files section of this page.

  • Improved performance of LABType batch analysis reducing analysis time compared to the past version.
  • Micro SSP optimized for better system memory management and improved analysis.
  • Additional Patient Management functionality when importing patient information from XML files.
  • Improved visibility of ambiguous specificities in the specificity panel.
  • Improved import of NMDP, P code, and G Code files.

For more information on how to obtain these base installers, please contact your One Lambda Representative or email us at 1lambda-order@thermofisher.com.

Who should upgrade?
  • If you are on HLA Fusion 4.4.x or earlier, you should upgrade to 4.6.
  • If you are on HLA Fusion 4.5 for LABScreen™ COVID Plus discuss your upgrade options with Technical Support.
  • Please review the Release Notes to understand the scope of the changes included in version 4.6.

Installation Prerequisites
  • A previous base install of HLA Fusion 4.2, 4.3, 4.3.1, or 4.4 is required to upgrade to 4.6.
  • HLA Fusion 4.5 EUA cannot be upgraded to HLA Fusion 4.6.
  • A previous base install of HLA Fusion Research 6.X is required to upgrade to 6.4.