ThinPrep® 5000 Processor

Fully Automated so You Can Accomplish More Than Ever Before

With continuous, hands-free processing of the ThinPrep Pap test, ThinPrep Non-Gyn and ThinPrep UroCyte® samples with up to 45 minutes of walkaway time, the ThinPrep 5000 processor frees up operators so they can focus on other tasks.

Walkaway Automation
  • Carousels can be loaded at accessioning for ease of transportation.
  • Up to 20 vials, slides and filters can be loaded at once – enabling walkaway time.
  • Processed slides are racked and ready for staining, and output racks can be loaded directly into select stainers and coverslippers – offering workflow efficiencies.
Ergonomic Benefits
  • A user-friendly touch screen interface offers real-time progress tracking and reporting.
  •  Automated vial uncapping/capping reduces manual tasks.
  •  Minimal risk of repetitive strain injuries for operators.
Chain-of-Custody Verification
  •  Sample vials and slides are loaded together in the carousel – maintaining chain of custody.
  • Barcodes on the vials are automatically matched to the labels on the slides prior to processing – reducing the possibility of sample mismatch.
  • Automated chain of custody eliminates manual checking and re-checking.

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