ThinPrep® Genesis™ Processor

Enabling Cytology Labs to Do More.

Offering automated chain of custody, streamlined cytology processing, and hands-free sample aliquoting in a single instrument, the ThinPrep Genesis processor promotes confidence in results while optimizing lab performance.

Confidence in Results
  • Chain of custody verification prevents sample mix up for confidence in your results.
  • ThinPrep filter technology optimizes cellular presentation – producing high quality cytology slides.
  • Closed cap dispersion eliminates aerosolization for both cytology processing and sample aliquoting.
Automation Capabilities
  • Automated uncapping/capping reduces repetitive strain.
  • Optional tube and slide printers automate labeling.
  • Automated aliquoting cuts out the hands-on time required for manual pipetting.
Workflow Enhancements
  • Simple, user-friendly touch screen operation promotes efficient processing.
  • Automated sample prep for ThinPrep Pap Test, ThinPrep Non-Gyn, and ThinPrep UroCyte® slides.
  • A seamless transition between cytology processing to sample aliquoting simplifies your workflow.

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