ThinPrep® Processors

Meeting the Demands of Your Lab

ThinPrep processors are intuitive, versatile, and scalable solutions for laboratories of all volumes. The portfolio offers reliable, best-in-class systems that help cytology labs automate their processes – decreasing the need for hands-on labor and increasing laboratory efficiencies. And because every sample is a patient, our automated chain-of-custody technology delivers confidence in results without sacrificing productivity.

Explore an array of instrumentation and see how ThinPrep processors deliver standardization and reliability to your cytology laboratory.

Scalable Levels of Automation

Levels of processing automation help meet needs today and support growth tomorrow.

Chain of Custody Verification

Automated chain-of-custody verification for each sample provides confidence in results.

Reliable Performance, Intuitive Design

Intuitive designs support enhanced efficiency with streamlined operation.

ThinPrep Processors

ThinPrep® Genesis™ Processor

Enabling cytology labs to do more. Offering automated chain of custody, streamlined cytology processing, and hands-free sample aliquoting in a single instrument, the ThinPrep Genesis processor promotes confidence in results while optimizing lab performance.


ThinPrep® 5000 Processor

Fully automated so you can accomplish more than ever before. With continuous, hands-free processing of the ThinPrep Pap test, ThinPrep Non-Gyn and ThinPrep UroCyte® samples with up to 45 minutes of walkaway time, the ThinPrep 5000 processor frees up operators so they can focus on other tasks.



ThinPrep® 5000 Autoloader

Maximize laboratory efficiency with fully automated, hands-free technology. Increase efficiency and take advantage of 8 hours of walkaway freedom. With continuous access, chain-of-custody verification, laser etching, and automatic vial uncapping, the ThinPrep 5000 Autoloader brings a new dimension of productivity to your cytology workflow.