VIA Capsule™ System

Maintain cell viability with this smart, liquid nitrogen-free shipper designed for cell and gene therapies.


Smart, liquid nitrogen-free shipment system designed by cryobiologists specifically for cell and gene therapies.

  • Liquid nitrogen-free: shipper unit maintains cryogenic temperatures without liquid nitrogen.
  • Real-time monitoring: an integrated smart monitor automatically uploads condition and location information to the Chronicle software platform.
  • Real -time stand-by time: accurate, continually modified time remaining below cryogenic threshold temperature visible on shipper unit and via Chronicle used to determine mitigation approach.
  • Shipper unit: compact, easily maneuverable and liquid nitrogen-free.
  • Cryocooler: cools shipper unit to cryogenic temperatures using electricity.
  • Optional temporary use for cryogenic storage: VIA Capsule™ system – shipper unit docked with cryocooler – maintains cryogenic temperatures when powered by standard electricity source.