VIA Freeze Controlled-Rate Freezers

Achieve consistent sample quality with three models to suit your processing requirements and scale


The VIA Freeze range of controlled-rate freezers are liquid nitrogen-free. They combine customizable freezing profiles, electronic control systems, and a conduction cooling method to optimize GMP-compliant cryopreservation.

  • Controlled cooling. Maintain cell function and viability with therapy-specific freeze profiles and precise temperature control.
  • Consistent quality. Remove heat evenly from all samples thanks to conduction cooling. Standardize by reliably delivering profiles between networked units.
  • Clean room compatibility. Streamline manufacturing processes. Eliminate risks and infrastructure costs associated with liquid nitrogen.
  • Supports cGMP-compliant cryopreservation. Ready to integrate with cGMP process validation procedures. Controls designed to meet 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.
  • Versatility. Increase productivity without changing processes between VIA Freeze models. Options for 24–192 cryogenic vials, cryobags up to 250 mL, and straws.
  • Manufacturing automation. Incorporate freezing processes and profile run data into a complete digital batch record within Chronicle software. Monitor processes.