Diagnostic – ThinPrep 5000 processor


The ThinPrep 5000 processor provides continuous hands-free processing of ThinPrep Pap test, ThinPrep Non-Gyn and ThinPrep UroCyte samples with up to 45 minutes of walkaway time leaving operators free to focus on other tasks. With improved chain-of-custody verification and automatic vial uncapping, the ThinPrep 5000 processor represents the next generation of slide preparation.




  • Capacity of samples: Up to 20
  • Capacity of consumables: Up to 20 slides and filters
  • Consumable Loading: Manual with each run
  • Slide removal: After each run
  • Chain of custody: Vial/slide match
  • Walkaway time: 45 min per run

Product Specifications

Description Parametres
Product Division Laboratory Division
Methodology Cytology instruments
Brand Hologic Lab

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